Board Member

Vic York

This picture is of Vic York sitting on the boat in front of one of the villages. This is Vic: laughing and happy in the work of the Lord. He is retired from UT Knoxville where he was head of maintenance for the entire campus. He became involved in SAC several years ago and has contributed greatly to this organization.  He is a very accomplished business man and has a broad knowledge of equipment and how it operates. But I suppose the most impressive thing about Vic is his love for the children. If there are kids around, Vic is going to be playing with them and loving on them.

Vic is also very knowledgeable about electricity and helps me with technical problems on the boat. Vic also donated the air conditioning for our boat and made a trip to Peru for the purpose of installing it. God has truly blessed me with a great board of directors. That tradition continues in the appointment of Vic York to this board.

  May 2022  
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