Ricky Smith

Board Member

Ricky Smith

We were very happy when Rev. Ricky consented to be on our board of directors. He is the pastor of the North Hixson Church of God which has been a heavy supporter of South American Call for several years. He has been with me on numerous trips to South America.

I remember so well one of the trips he made with me. Following a kid's ministry activity he came on the bus with tears in his eyes. He looked at me and told of a woman who had tried to give her baby to him. It was more than he could take. He broke and wept. He is a man of compassion.

Ricky is an outstanding pastor. He believes the Bible for what it says and loves his people. He has gone where God told him to go even when it cost him dearly. I admire him greatly.

Rev. Smith is shown here preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in the Amazon Jungle of Peru.