• Huanuna Congreso
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    Bishop Joe Mercer P.O. Box 204 McDonald, TN 37353   Phone 423-309-5217

    World Mission #065-0125


    Reports continue to come in from the Huañuna crusade. I would like to hit a couple of highlights here.

    First of all, several have asked me about the numbers.. saved, etc. However, at the close of almost all of the services the whole congregation came forward to spend time in the altars. They prayed, wept, lifted their hands in praise and glorified the Name of the Lord. There was just no way to determine who got saved and who didn’t. There is no doubt in my mind that the numbers were the best we’ve ever had. However, I will not give a number unless I believe it to be accurate. And I never inflate the numbers.

    1,100 people attended. They came in rain and storms riding in little peke-peke boats... Most of the boats had no tops. They rode for many hours and some of them up to 2 days in the sun and rain to hear the marvelous words of our Lord. They were not disappointed.

    We had torrential rain storms during the crusade. Heavy downpours for hours at a time. After I got back home I found out that the heavy rains had prevented about 15 more villages from attending. My leaders estimate that another 400 or so people would have been there if it had not been for the rain. WOW!! It cost me about $19,000.00 to feed the 1,100! Had the rest of the people showed up that dollar figure would have been closer to $25,000.00.... When we go back I am expecting near 2000 people... I will need $40,000.00 for the food. What’s a soul worth? What are 2,000 souls worth?