Secretary & Treasurer

Judy Mercer

Judy is my wife and handles the bookkeeping for us. She has been in South America with me on several occasions to Peru and to Ecuador. Along with the book work, she takes care of correspondence with our donors.  Judy is responsible for updating our web page by adding announcements and photos. She also advises and encourages me and puts up with me.  I greatly appreciate her contributions to this organization.

Board Member

Jack Bowen

Jack Bowen is one of our original board members. He lives in Ooltewah, Tennessee.   He has a beautiful family and is one of the greatest dads I've ever known. He has been with me on several mission trips and is always of great value in that position.

Jack is a very trusted counselor and advisor to me. It was Jack who God used to restart me after I lost a large amount of money trying to buy a boat in Brazil.  I value his advice highly and always enjoy his being with me on trips.

The picture of Jack was made on a trip to Canchabamba, Peru. We were up in the highlands. We had to ride donkeys the last 6 or 8 hours. He is seen here taking a break.

Board Member

Richard (Dick) Bevil

Dick Bevil is also one of the original board members. His services to this organization have been greatly appreciated. It was Dick who called me and told me of his burden for Iquitos, Peru, before I had ever heard of it. That was the beginning of a major change in direction for us. He hears from God. He has been a friend and counselor as well as financial contributor to South American Call. He has also been on many of our trips. He never complains no matter what the circumstances. His exuberance in difficult circumstances has always amazed me. Dick is a keeper.

Board Member

Ricky Smith

We were very happy when Rev. Ricky consented to be on our board of directors. He is the pastor of the North Hixson Church of God which has been a heavy supporter of South American Call for several years. He has been with me on numerous trips to South America.

I remember so well one of the trips he made with me. Following a kid's ministry activity he came on the bus with tears in his eyes. He looked at me and told of a woman who had tried to give her baby to him. It was more than he could take. He broke and wept. He is a man of compassion.

Ricky is an outstanding pastor. He believes the Bible for what it says and loves his people. He has gone where God told him to go even when it cost him dearly. I admire him greatly.

Rev. Smith is shown here preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in the Amazon Jungle of Peru.

Board Member

Vic York

This picture is of Vic York sitting on the boat in front of one of the villages. This is Vic: laughing and happy in the work of the Lord. He is retired from UT Knoxville where he was head of maintenance for the entire campus. He became involved in SAC several years ago and has contributed greatly to this organization.  He is a very accomplished business man and has a broad knowledge of equipment and how it operates. But I suppose the most impressive thing about Vic is his love for the children. If there are kids around, Vic is going to be playing with them and loving on them.

Vic is also very knowledgeable about electricity and helps me with technical problems on the boat. Vic also donated the air conditioning for our boat and made a trip to Peru for the purpose of installing it. God has truly blessed me with a great board of directors. That tradition continues in the appointment of Vic York to this board.

Board Member

Gregg Causey

Gregg Causey is the newest member of the South American Call Board of Directors.  Pastor Causey is the pastor of Eastmore Church of God in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Ministry is what Gregg is all about. Whether he is ministering to inmates in his position as chaplain, serving food and other necessities to the poor of West Virginia at Christmas time or preaching and working with those who have not heard about Jesus on the Amazon, Rev. Causey is involved in ministry. He is an excellent pastor and preacher of the gospel in his home pulpit. He is thoroughly based in the Word of God. South American Call is very blessed to have him serving on this board.